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The Importance Of A Quality Christian Education

Christian schools must educate children in a way that helps them reflect the knowledge learned during their preschool through high school education and discover their call of obedience to God. The Word of God provides the basis for a quality Chris read more...

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California Gun Laws - Transporting a Gun in Your Vehicle

Penal Code

Section 12026.1 defines a locked container as "a secure container which is

fully enclosed and locked by a padlock, key lock, combination lock, or similar

locking device". A small, portable safe bolted to the floor read more...

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Law School Grants For Single Mothers

Elaine Osborne Jacobsen award for Women Working in Health Care Law - a prize money of $3.000 is given to a female law undergrad or a graduate female student allocated as a health care advocate.

If you have a law degree then most likely you read more...

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Filing a Pain Pump Lawsuit – Pain Ball Lawsuit Updates and Information by David Banner

Many of the lawsuits are claiming that the manufacturers failed to warn or instruct the medical community about the safety of the pain pumps, or that the pain pumps may cause permanent injury. It delivers the pain medication directly to the joint read more...

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Ted Bundy's Daughter - InfoBarrel

He was a master manipulator too.

In the role of his own defense attorney, while Boone was on the stand, Bundy asked her if she would marry him. What he found was that a public declaration of marriage, if properly phrased in an open court in read more...

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Pagcl Litigation – Shoulder Joint Replacement Lawsuit

When you move your arm, the humeras moves against the scapula. You should contact an attorney as soon as possible because you don't want to run into any statute of limitations problems (statute of limitations are time read more...

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Law School Know-How - free article courtesy of ArticleCity.com

Go to a university which has a record of getting a lot of students into law school.

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